Program/Media Guide Ads 2019

Make your life easier and let us design your child’s program/media guide ad. We can help with your business or individual ad.

  • DPHS Deer Escorts Spring Show Ads
    I will need your ad no later than April 5th to have time to complete and submit your ad to your booster club contact…. AND THE EARLIER, THE BETTER.


Examples of Past Ads

Click on each photo to see a larger version – in correct proportion.


  • 1/4 page – $35
  • 1/2 page – $45
  • Full Page – $60

*Pricing Is for the creation of the ad only – You are responsible for purchasing the ad space for your ad.

Art And Images

  • We will design your ad layout.
  • We will submit your ad to your booster club for you – in the correct format/resolution.
  • All submitted images/artwork need to be in digital format (pdf, tif, jpg).
  • All image submissions need to be high resolution (minimum 300dpi – to ensure quality printing on paper). So make sure your camera is set on high quality (RAW).
  • If scanning photos, be sure to set scanner to 300dpi setting before scanning.


  • How many images do I need?
    Sometimes less is more – especially when it comes to your images. Submission suggestions:
    1/4 page: 1-2 images. 
    1/2 page: 2-3 images
    Full page: 3-4 images
    Too many images can crowd your ad. Remember, your ad will also contain your headline and body text – competing for space. Once again, less is is more.
  • What if I use photos taken by a professional photographer?
    If you use professional photos, be sure to include your photographer’s info on the photo you are submitting.


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